Corvette modern power steering conversion. Eliminates factory style assist cylinder. Borgeson offers a modern integral power steering conversion for your 1963-1982 classic Corvette. The conversion box is a remanufactured GM Delphi 600 Integral power steering gearbox. The Delphi 600 represents the latest generation of integral power steering gearbox technology with true modern power steering


For sale is a Borgeson 800115 Power Steering Unit to convert a 1952-1963 Full- sized Ford. What you see, is what you get. See details 

Finally, a true 14:1 power steering box that features much better feel than OE boxes. Borgeson Steering Box - Large Sector - Box … Brendan shows you how to install a Borgeson Power Steering Box fitting your 1968-1986 Chevy C10.Purchase Product Here: Upgrade or convert your Mustang's steering with a Power Steering Conversion Kit from Borgeson. This kit, for 1965-1966 Mustangs, includes a Saginaw power steering pump with brackets, a power steering box, power steering hoses, steering coupler and a replacement steering column shaft with floor mount. Installs easily, with only hand tools!

Borgeson steering box

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They fit your muscle car with a quick 12.7:1 ratio and a firm modern steering feel, plus they will bolt directly to the stock location and fit to the original power steering … Order this kit from Summit Racing: many ways, Corvettes in the 2021-02-03 SKU: 7-0002 Category: Steering Parts Tags: Borgeson 14:1 steering box, Mopar upgrade, power steering box conversion kit Product ID: 3253. Description. Description. Bergman Auto Craft brings you one of the best Mopar upgrades of recent years.

15 Apr 2019 Update your classic Mustang's power steering to the Borgeson power steering box and ditch the factory parts for better steering feel.

The Borgeson conversion box is a remanufactured modern integral power steering gearbox. The Borgeson integral power steering gearbox provides true modern power steering feel, feedback and a sporty 14:1 Ratio. 2020-01-09 · Home Forums > Vendor Forums > Borgeson Universal Company > Borgeson 800126 (Small Sector) Quick Ratio Steering Box Applications Borgeson Universal Company On our 1971 Plymouth Satellite, we show you how to install a retrofit power steering box from Borgeson Universal Steering so that you can do it hat home! All Borgeson steering boxes are set to the proper specifications when built, so no adjustment should be needed.

Borgeson steering box


Working alone, used a floor jack to lift box into place as I wasn't strong enough to hold box while bolting. Purchased Borgeson steering shaft at the same time so didn't need to grind flats on stub shaft. Four inches of slop before, improved to 1-1/4" after installation. Borgeson Street and Performance Quick Ratio Chevy C10 Power Steering Box. Borgeson Universal now offers an all new modern quick ratio power steering box to replace the Saginaw or Delphi 800 series in 68-86 Chevy C10 trucks. This all new power steering box has a quick 12.7:1 ratio with firm modern steering … Borgeson Universal 999025 - Borgeson Power Steering Conversion Kits.

Borgeson steering box

But today we're sharing the  16 Mar 2015 On our 1971 Plymouth Satellite, we show you how to install a retrofit power steering box from Borgeson Universal Steering so that you can do it  30 Oct 2018 The Borgeson steering box seems to be based on two different OEM boxes but if I were to order one which one will I receive?
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Borgeson steering box

Our subject vehicle was up for the swap with a skeptical … Good news is here, because Borgeson has a solution for the classic Mopar steering boxes. They now offer the much lighter, Delphi 600 Series steering box and they have modified it to fit the 1962-82 Mopar K-member. But that’s not the best part of the conversion from Borgeson… Borgeson has been manufacturing steering universal joints for the industrial, automotive, military, and aerospace industries since 1914.

com. Sep 11, 2020 Looking to upgrade the performance of your C10 steering box? Borgeson now offers an all new, quick ratio steering box that will change the  Buy 1955-1957 Chevy Borgeson Power Steering Box Borgeson Delphi 600 for only $421.99 in our huge selection of parts.
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Borgeson steering box

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The Delphi 600 represents the latest generation of integral power steering gearbox technology with true modern power steering Ordered for my 69’ Chevelle BB and this Borgeson box works great.No more slop,nice tight steering.Installed easily with the only modification being that I had to buy a pump belt 1 size smaller because with the original belt the pump interfered with the new box.No problem now with using the smaller belt.All is good.Great,quality product with a 3 year warranty. Borgeson shipped us a complete power-steering conversion kit for 19651970 Mustangs, which is available in a variety of configurations, depending on how your Mustang is equipped. The Borgeson box went in quickly; it starts as a new factory steering box and has the mounting flanges cut off so Borgeson can weld new flanges to fit the Mopar K-member. After removing the roll pin on the factory coupler, Mike was ready for the next step.